The Athletic

Their tag line is “fall in love with the sports page again.”  I am beginning to take note and at this point probably should subscribe to this new sports page on the world wide web. They cover the NHL, NFL, MLB and college football and basketball but I only follow their MLB coverage.

The MLB articles are anchored by Ken Rosenthal. You know him if I say the bow tie guy. That’s what he always wears when he does on field reporting. Rosenthal joined The Athletic in August of 2017  and he’s 55 and grew up in New York according to his Wikipedia page.

I follow The Athletic on Twitter and tonight read a great article by Andrew Baggerly about being a reporter at baseball’s winter meetings trying to get the scoop on everybody else that is in attendance. I can appreciate how sometimes in this game of life you just get lucky.  After a mistake with your reservation and you happen to end up with a room next to the Cleveland Indians suite and are able to hear every deal they are about to make.

I encourage you to read it.  Here’s the link to the article courtesy of The Athletic.