The Blogging Begins

If you have found this blog it’s either because I have told you about it or because one of my friends probably persuaded you to look. I appreciate it either way and I say welcome to my blog. I wanted to let you know that by January 1st it’s going to look a bit different. I am going to switch it up – and add a few items to hopefully improve the look and overall experience for you.

So 2018 is the deadline – I am up for a challenge and have to start writing the “about me” section where I tell all of you my story and why I am doing this. I might as well practice that now so here goes. Why would a 46 year old woman commit to a baseball blog for a year? My answer is simple, because I needed a challenge, needed to push myself outside of my comfort zone which is currently managing a real estate brokerage and because I need to have some actual FUN.

Baseball to me is the sport that I have grown up around and will always have on my tv no matter who is playing.  It’s the major league sport that I can tolerate because for the most part the game is unchanged and mostly positive.  Sure there are bench clearing brawls and players say some four letter words to the umps but for the most part it’s pretty clean and not headlining ESPN about what player has gotten into trouble.  I will refrain about discussing the steriod era at the moment as that is something I think of when I type the words pretty clean.  : )

Let’s get back to the FUN part.  I hope to learn a lot about the sport and myself which I already have.  I know I am going to meet a lot of great people along this journey.  I think 2018 is going to be a year to remember.  Thanks for reading and feedback is always welcome.