The Market is Flooded

I have worked in real estate for almost 10 years now. I know the difference between a buyers and a seller’s market and how to navigate both for clients. Each market has its advantages and benefits.

A buyers market equates to having too much inventory.  Sellers can’t move homes quickly and end up giving concessions to get their homes sold. If they aren’t a unique enough property that would make buyers jump they are going to remain on the market longer or take considerably less than what they had originally thought for their home. A seller’s market means that there is essentially no inventory.  The market isn’t saturated and buyers are jumping at properties they never would consider purchasing during a buyers market.  Buyers have missed out on multiple homes so they settle for something less.  Sellers can entertain multiple offers and sell their homes quickly without making any sort of concessions.

Major League Baseball has a buyers market happening. There are around 170 free agents still unsigned and these aren’t your end of the cul-de-sac track home free agents. These are solid players like Jason Werth, Melky Cabrerra, Jose Bautista, Eric Hosmer, John Lackey, Brandon Phillips, and Mark Reynolds. We are almost in January and under 100 days until Spring Training. Lots of players still unsigned not on teams but they should get invites and some may end up with Minor League contracts.

Clubs are sitting back right now and not picking guys up.  They are in fact driving prices down on these free agents. That $200 million dollar payday that Jake Arietta wants is gonna be a tough sell in a buyers market. No club is paying the big money at the moment. Once Ohtani and Stanton were signed it seemed like the big deals were done.

The Yankees and Dodgers are trying to trim the fat and get under the luxury tax for this season.  They are setting themselves up for next years free agent crop which includes Bryce Harper, Clayton Kershaw, Manny Machado, Dallas Keuchel, and Josh Donaldson.  Clubs are jockeying for next years class and not this years class which leaves a lot of quality players wondering why they haven’t been signed yet.  Unfortunately it’s too much inventory guys.