The Youth in Chicago

Cub fans have to be smiling. Not only are they getting a new and improved Wrigley Field but they are also watching youngsters that come from within their system improve their offense and defense and make them a team to watch.  Starting with Kris Bryant who debuted last Friday with an 0-4 start with 3 strikeouts.  Obviously a little nervous but he has settled in nicely and since then has been 6 for 10, with 2 (2B), 4 BB, and 4 RBI.

Today they are talking about bringing up another rookie Addison Russell who will help their struggling offense at second. Russell is a shortstop but will be switching sides of the infield to play second base. Russell is only 21 years old and batting .318 in Triple A Iowa.

And then there’s Jorge Soler. He’s their starting right fielder and is a youngster as well after playing only 24 games for the Cubs last year and in 12 games this year he’s gotten 16 hits, 9 RBI and has an on base percentage of .342.  For all those hopelessly optimistic Cub fans out there the future seems really bright.