They play baseball in Canada?

This morning I have watched the highlights from last night’s Blue Jays games twice already. It was quite the slug fest with the Blue Jays beating the Orioles 13-6. Mark Buehrle was credited with his 3rd win of the season for the Jays. Edwin Encarnacion hit 2 home runs and notched his 11th multi-home run game since 2012 which ties Miguel Cabrera during that same time frame. Encarnacion also became the 3rd player in Rogers Centre history to hit more than one career home run into the 5th deck. Jose Canseco was the only player to hit the 5th deck 3 times.

Now on to Bautista aka Joey Bats and how he already has a history with Orioles plunking him. Jason Garcia threw behind his back and in the same at bat Bautista responded with a 2 run home run. He admired it and got a little lippy running the bases so both sides exchanged words but the benches did not clear.

The battle of the birds continues tonight at 7:07pm.