Tick Tock Goes the Clock

If your Twitter feed is 99% baseball (the other 1% being FSU football) like mine you’ll notice there are a lot of photos of a beautiful baseball sky or a clock counting down the hours, days and minutes to Opening Day. Baseball writers are struggling for Tweets along with any sort of breaking news content. The Hot Stove is now being referred to as the Cold Stove for lack of movement in the this year’s free agency market. Major League Teams are posting on Facebook highlights from last year’s season or their upcoming 2018 schedules.

The Mets signing free agent Jay Bruce this week 3 year, $39 millions dollar contract isn’t just big news, it’s the only news. It’s extremely quiet.  Everybody is speculating where pitcher Yu Darvish will end up especially after his tweet today adding that there is one more team involved in addition to the already mentioned Rangers, Yankees, Cubs, Astros, and Twins.  Oh and of course there were a lot of shout out’s to the birthday of the American League DH today accompanied by Edgar Martinez or David Ortiz video.

Then there’s the Twitter account @NotMrTibbs which is tracking Hall of Fame ballots as they are sent in. I highly recommend you follow that account if you’re interested in not only seeing who voted for who, who’s got a shot to make it but also for a good laugh and an overload of statistics.   Then there’s @BleacherNation discussing the Bears and this weekend’s Cubs convention.  Like I said it’s pretty darn quiet out there.  I guess I should enjoy it.  I have a feeling my Twitter feed might be overwhelming once the season begins.  Patience is a trait I’m working on in 2018 so now I’ll practice patience and wait for tomorrow’s breaking news.