The Universe Speaks Baseball

I learned a new word in Mexico, drala. It’s not Spanish but a word that I learned from Jen Harbour our Yoga instructor. I’m going to try to get the meaning correct but I might a little off in my explanation. Drala is being open to take in and connect with the universe in the moment. It’s magical when it occurs. I experienced one of those magical moments Saturday evening poolside.

I had walked to the restroom noticing an older couple sitting enjoying a glass of wine. They seemed so content and relaxed and the gentleman who was facing me when I walked past had an inviting smile on his face. On my second trip back from the restroom I stopped to say hello to him. I don’t really know why, but I just had a feeling that I should talk to him. I introduced myself and asked about his stay and then my gut forced out a question which isn’t common when I meet people I don’t know but it just came out. I asked him if he liked baseball. His answer was yes but you need to wait for my wife to get back, she loves baseball. Drala magic appeared and for the next two hours we didn’t stop talking about baseball.

I only know it was two hours because my friends thought I knew them and couldn’t believe I stood there talking to people I didn’t know for two hours. To me it felt like a 20 minute conversation. I had no concept of time as I was just completely in the moment. I got to know Joe and Sherry who were from Houston, Texas. They were long time Houston Astros fans. We discussed everything from last years World Series, our all time favorite players to the designated hitter.  They attended Game 5 of the World Series at Minute Maid Park and I had attended Game 2 of the World Series at Dodger Stadium so it was fun to compare our stories on the games highlights, crowd noise, and the atmosphere of the cities.

I discovered their home had been destroyed in Hurricane Harvey along with everyone else’s and they were in the process of rebuilding and putting it all back together. Sherry told me after all the devastation and during the clean up watching her boys (the Astros) each night was a saving grace. It was something that allowed her a little bit of normalcy back in her life. It gave her something to root for. I cheered for the Dodgers during the World Series but after hearing their story I know the right team won. The Astros really did make a huge impact on the entire area  affected by the Hurricane.

Sherry and her sisters and nieces all follow Major League Baseball. I have always known that women like baseball and get baseball.  Part of the reason I started this blog was for those women.  I have been surrounded by females that understood the game.  As I get older I began to notice that baseball doesn’t do a good job of understanding its women fan base or knowing how to cater to them. Sherry told me she celebrated her 60th birthday with a large group of women at a ballgame.  It sounded like the perfect birthday celebration to me.  Who doesn’t want to be at a ballgame with their friends and family watching for their name on the scoreboard between innings and getting a visit from the team mascot?

After we parted I felt energized.  I felt the universe confirmed that pursuing my blog was the right path to choose.  I realized more than anything I genuinely like to talk about baseball.  I can get along and enjoy the company of Houston Astros fans.  Their team beat my Yankees in-game 7 of this years American League Championship.  I can openly and honestly wish them well in the coming season.  I can listen to their stories and appreciate their love of the game and their favorite players.   Being in the moment with the universe is a really a magnificent thing.

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