Weekend Recap

There have been several extra inning games the last few days. The Yankees lost to the Red Sox in 19 on Friday night. Extra innings reminds me of a fantastic book that I would recommend to anybody. It’s called The Bottom of the 33rd by Dan Barry. It is a great read in regards to the longest game every played between Rochester and Pawtucket. Dan does a terrific job of telling every story line from that night.

Watching the Yankees opening weekend reminds me that Derek Jeter is no longer playing baseball. The Yankees new shortstop is Didi Gregorius who was born in 1990 and 6 years old when Derek started playing short stop full-time for the Yanks back in 1996. I wonder how the roll call with the fans is going? Gregorius can’t be an easy chant nor can being reminded that the Captain is no longer on the field.

And finally after a full week of baseball we only have two teams that remain undefeated. The Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals who are both in the American League Central. At some point they’ll face off against each other and something’s gotta give.

Today is Monday, April 13th and there are 14 games on tap today.

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