Who Doesn’t Love a Good Comeback

Rafael Palmeiro is 53 years old. Palmeiro has decided he wants to comeback and play Major League baseball again.  It’s not something he’s doing for a reality TV show it’s for real.  He was born in 1964 and is just 3 years younger than the third oldest Major League ballpark, Dodger Stadium.  I am happy to to tell you that your age is just a number and for Palmeiro that number is 53.

Palmeiro hasn’t played in the Majors since 2005. Now both of his sons Patrick and Preston play professional baseball.  His interviews discussing why he wants to come back include the shame he felt on his way out.  He also feels like he can contribute to a team.  He was part of baseball’s ugly steroid era and was the first big name that tested positive for a performance enhancing drug in 2005.  He fell off the Hall of Fame ballot in 2014 after receiving a dismal 4.4% of the vote which isn’t close to the 75% needed to get inducted.  He is one of only five players to be in the 500 home run and 3,000 hit club.  He was a four time All Star during his twenty year career playing for just three teams Chicago, Texas and Baltimore.

Keep in mind the prime years for Major League Baseball position players is between 27-29 years old.  That was roughly a quarter century ago for Palmeiro. There’s lots of speculation that Palmeiro wants to go out on his own terms and make amends for the way it all ended for him.  No clubs came calling after his failed PED test. He ended his career in an 0-19 slump.

America does love a good come back.  Can Palmeiro find his way onto a team in 2018?  Is it possible.  Well Julio Franco played at the ripe old age of 48 back in 2007.  If you watch the video he’s released on his Twitter account @Rafael_Palmeiro you’ll see that he not only looks to be in great shape but his swing still looks the same.  The Rangers have gone on record to say they would watch a workout session.  Will Palmeiro make a comeback?  In life and in baseball anything is possible.