Who’s on First?

At the start of each season it takes a few games to get used to seeing players in new uniforms.  I have a hard time keeping up with all the off-season trades.  A guy may get traded in November and you completely forget about it until you see him on the highlights in April.

I noticed a few big changes in the last 24 hours that I was unaware of.

Yoenis Cespedes-  Tigers

Jimmy Rollins-  Dodgers

Jason Heyward-  Cardinals

Jeff Samardzija-  White Sox

Hanley Ramirez-  Red Sox

Matt Kemp-  Padres

Pablo Sandoval- Red Sox

Yadier Molina didn’t change teams but he lost 20 pounds in the off-season to be an everyday catcher so you might not recognize him when you first see him.

As I type this Sonny Gray with the A’s has a no-hitter through 7.  Did you know the only Opening Day no-hitter ever thrown was by Bob Feller in 1940 with the Cleveland Indians.  Ahhhh and there goes the no-hitter.  Bob Feller you stand alone.