Who’s Really Reading My Baseball Blog?

I had a great conversation today about my baseball blog with a person I just met. A fellow baseball fan (his team is the Dodgers) an entrepreneur with an open mind and so much positive energy and life in his voice that it was infectious. He asked me questions about the purpose of my blog. I also received an email from another incredible resource who wanted to know who my audience was and who I was trying to reach with my posts. These two really turned up my curiosity about who is actually reading my blog, baseballbybecky?

The Obvious Reader

I have to thank my friends and family.  They are the ones who have supported me most of my life or at different times in my life.  Members of my tribe that are willing to take a few minutes and skim through my weekly words.  My younger brother, my cousin in Atlanta, my college roommate, my former co-worker a fellow Yankee fan a heart-felt thank you to all of you for being my audience.

My Russian Users

I have 125 users according to my WordPress dashboard that are just email addresses to me.  Are any of these emails even actual people?  They could all be fake Russian accounts for all I know.  I have yet to send out emails to all of them to see if they would respond or to see if there is any sort of feedback or direction that they would give me going forward.

Who? What? Why?

Who’s it for?  What’s my message?  Is it for the hard-core baseball fan or the fan who’s just dipping their toe into the sport.  Is it meant to be specific to the female fan? Is it supposed to be for one certain team?  All good questions.  I have been creating and writing it for 6+ months now and I still don’t know who my reader is and dialed in who my blog is aimed at. That’s probably because I don’t know who’s reading it.  The phrase I hear often in business is who’s your Avatar?  At this point it’s tough to know who you are.

Why do I do it? I enjoy writing it.  I write it more for me at this point than anybody else.  It’s an outlet that allows me to be creative, learn new things, and most importantly gives me a voice.  I like baseball and currently write about it on the level of the sport that I know and can relate to.  I’m not big fan of Sabermetrics or overused stats so it’s not driven by them.   There are fantastic stories in this sport that need to be told and shared.  I worry that baseball is in trouble.  They have the oldest demographic of all professional sports and my nieces and nephews couldn’t probably name 5 players let alone tell you who won last years World Series.

Let’s Hear Your Feedback

At almost half way through this baseball season it’s time to ask for some feedback from those of you out there in the faceless world of cyberspace.  I’d love to hear from you. I don’t care if you’re a Russian hacker, a family member or a person I have never met.  I’d just like to hear from you so I can begin to get a feel for who the baseballbybecky audience is.

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