Why Baseball?

My recent 180 degree career change going from running a real estate brokerage to creating and writing my own baseball blog has allowed me to speak to a lot of people around me to get feedback for my new adventure. Everyone I have spoken with has been extremely supportive and genuinely happy for me in my new quest. I am encouraged by the fact that I have surrounded myself with such an inspiring group of individuals.   While some may think I’m crazy for taking this leap they still smile at me and say things like we support you Becky and wish you the  best of luck to you with your blog.

A few times during these conversations I have heard the question, why baseball?  At first I was shocked when asked this because the answer in my mind always was a loud, why not?  I grew in up Florida and spent a lot of my childhood years on a baseball field or in a dugout.  My family was always at a practice, on our way to practice or at a game.  I just thought everybody else grew up this same way.  I thought my normal was everybody’s normal. It never occurred to me that some people have never stepped onto a baseball diamond or even tossed a ball with their dad.

We spent so much time at the ball fields because my dad coached Little League and both my older and younger brothers played ball.  I grew up in a time where girls were not allowed to play baseball. We were only allowed to try out and play softball.  At two years old I was the Lions bat girl running out from the dugout and struggling to pick up bats from home plate and drag them back to the dugout.  I remember the helmets always being so big and clunky on my head that the only thing I really saw were my feet and the ground.  I wasn’t able to look up because the helmet would fall down on my face.

Baseball brings back memories of a time when my entire family spent quality time together.  It was truly a family activity for us.  My dad, mom, two brothers and even my grandparents would be at the ballpark on a week night.  We enjoyed family dinners after the games together.  Later in my childhood my parents would divorce and our households would separate and with that our family unity was gone, but baseball remained in our lives.

My dad was our teacher of the game both on and off the field.  We watched it on our TV and in person at the Little League field or at a Spring Training game.  Starting my blog I realized that content is endless for this sport.  Baseball has so much information.  From player names, to history of the sport, rules, player salaries, trade rumors, to the ballparks themselves how can you possibly know it all?  I have to keep a few brain cells left to remember what day it is or what I need to buy at the grocery store.

Sitting in the stands to watch a baseball game is on of my favorite things to do.  It’s like time stops and for the next few hours you can just enjoy the game in front of you.  You can sit in the sun and listen to sounds like the organ player, PA announcer, the vendors yells and the cheers or claps during rallies.  You can smell the onions on the hotdogs or garlic fries around you.  You can enjoy the refreshing taste of your cold beer as you wash down another freshly cracked peanut.  Baseball has its very own sights, sounds, and smells and when they are all wrapped up together at an actual ballpark it’s perfection.  So why not baseball?



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