Yankees Are Getting A QB

Russell Wilson will arrive in Tampa on Monday to play some baseball with the Yankees.  He’ll be donning legendary pinstripes instead of the usual Seahawk neon green at Spring Training.   He’s expressed wanting to throw the football around with Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge.  Judge is recovering from off-season shoulder surgery so just how much football the Yankee front office will allow is the question.  Wilson challenges both Judge and Stanton to a little home run derby in his Instagram video.

I’m most excited to see the photo of Wilson, Judge and Stanton together.  Wilson is listed at 5 feet 11 inches.  If Wilson is in the middle he’ll look like he’s surrounded by his own Seattle lineman as Judge and Stanton are the towers of power both standing over 6 feet 6 inches.   It will make folks chuckle seeing a starting NFL QB look like a 6th grader next to 2 Major League Baseball players.

Wilson will only be with the team for a few days possibly giving them a media break.  The trade rumors are still circling about the team with them acquiring more free agents.  Yankees Manager Aaron Boone has already squashed the idea that Wilson will be playing in any of the Spring Training games.  He’s excited to have Wilson there to teach his team some of the leadership attributes that got Wilson a Super Bowl Trophy.

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